Good fat in

excess fat out

The first "smart" ingredient formulation assisting healthy weight management by addressing dietary fat absorption

About Fb3®

FB3® Fusion Ingredient is a “smart” patented-pending blend of three standardized botanical actives that safely and effectively inhibits absorption of excess dietary fats. The proprietary blend includes --Coleus forskohlii, Salacia reticulata and Sesamum indicum standardized for forskolin, salacinol, and sesamin, respectively. This unique ingredient is intended for safe weight loss and maintaining healthy body composition. The quantity and composition of lipids in the body is one of the foremost factors deciding metabolic health, and the mission of the ingredient can succinctly be described as good fat in, excess fat out.


Proposed Fb3® Structure

With FB3® - Coleus forskohlii, Salacia reticulata, and Sesamum indicum supply a safe and effective method of blocking fat. A clinical study showed that FB3 led to diminished visceral fat, liver fat, body triglycerides, food cravings and caloric intake. And, an in vitro study found that the synergistic action of the Coleus forskohlii and Salacia reticulata in FB3 inhibited fat absorption by 20.7% – almost double the sum of the fat-blocking activity generated by each component alone.

But perhaps the most exciting result of this FB3 study is identification of the ingredient’s inherent “safety mechanism,” which occurs with the interaction of Coleus forskohlii and Sesamum indicum. This safety mechanism is intended to moderate FB3’s fat-absorption inhibition abilities, helping prevent the negative gastrointestinal and metabolic side effects that frequently occur with other fat blockers.


Dosing & Deliveries

For optimal efficacy, FB3® should be administered in three 415 mg doses a day. Each dose should be used 30 minutes before a meal. For weight-management maintenance, FB3 can be administered as a single daily dose of 415 mg before breakfast.
FB3® is available as direct compression powders, beverage blends, natural fruit jellies & water-soluble cosmetic grade for topical applications. Based on research and other scientific literature, FB3® can be used for a 12-week period, supported by lifestyle and nutritional modification.


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