Our Company

Our Company

Bio Actives is a leading manufacturer and supplier of food and functional food ingredients. We offer our ingredients to regional and global food, beverage, dairy, confectionery and supplement companies.

Our areas of business are primarily divided into three: Nutrition, Flavor and Color. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan we have our manufacturing facilities located in India. We serve our customers globally through our branch offices in Europe and USA and also through our exclusive distributors in various other countries. Our strong hold is our dedicated botanical cultivation spread across India running over 22,000 acreage of land.

Bio Actives offers exclusive and unique ingredients which have gone to become successful and leading products in the markets we serve. With over 200 employees globally we invest more in research and development, intellectual property creation and today we have the knowledge, scale and the supply chain to serve worldwide customers seamlessly with innovative products and concepts.

Who We Are

Vertically integrated food and functional food ingredients manufacturer and distributor


To deliver safe & sustainable food ingredients for improving the health and quality of life of people around the globe


Social Responsibility


Inspiring Active Lives

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