Protecting Your Eyes

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first ingredient of its kind to have been proven clinically to
improve oxidative stress caused to the eye


Lutein is a carotenoid nutrient found in plants. In the body, lutein is present both in the skin and in a high concentration in the macula of the eye, making it an essential nutrient for a healthy vision. Lutein cannot be produced by the human body and must be obtained from plant sources.

BioLutein® is a clinically studied extract from marigold flowers. Processed using a proprietary manufacturing process using organically cultivated and hand-picked marigold flowers, BioLutein® conforms to the highest quality standards and purity.


Nutritional Benefits

BioLutein® is the first ingredient of its kind to have been proven clinically to improve oxidative stress caused to the eye. A Placebo controlled study conducted amongst Japanese adults exposed to ultraviolet and blue light rays on prolonged use of computers and smart phones have shown the following results with BioLutein®:

Oxidative stress substance 8-OHdG release from the tear of the eye was significantly reduced in the BioLutein® group. When stimulated by ultraviolet or blue light, ocular tissue is damaged and as a result oxidative stress agents, including 8-OHdG are produced. Carotenoids are known to absorb ultra-violet light and blue light and inhibit ocular tissue damage.

Natural Food Colorant

With carotenoid properties including anti-oxidant effect BioLutein® enhances visual appearances and stability of food and beverages.

BioLutein® is an excellent natural color alternative for customers seeking yellow to orange color solutions.


BioLutein® is offered in standardizations between 0.1% ~ 80% in both free and ester form of Lutein. We also offer ready to use dispersions & emulsions for instant application in supplement and food preparations.

Essential BioLutein® forms include – oil suspensions, cold water powder dispersions, tablet grade powders, beadlets and soft liquids. Our formulations team are always available to assist customers in developing and providing solutions using our range of product offerings