Flax seed oil

Flax seed oil cold pressed from organic seeds contains above 50% of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are essential fatty acids for health. Natural α-linolenic acid contained in flax seed oil is converted to EPA or DHA in the body.

People consuming α-linolenic acid are lesser prone to heart attacks, and in some clinical trials, subjects that intake a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids (including α-linolenic acid) had a reduction of the blood pressure.

Beet Juice Powder

The beetroot is the taproot portion of the beet plant, usually known in North America as the beet, also table beet, red beet, or golden beet. It is one of the cultivated varieties of Beta vulgaris grown for their edible taproots and their leaves (called beet greens).
Other than as a food, beets are used as a food colouring and as a medicinal plant. Many beet products are made from other Beta vulgaris varieties, particularly sugar beet.
The root of the beet is a good source of iron and folic acid. It contains nitrates, betanin and other antioxidants (betacyanins). Recent studies have shown to be useful for lowering blood pressure, improving exercise function, prevention of dementia, and so on.

Red Dragon Fruit Juice Powder

Red Dragon Fruit, also known as Pitaya, is a soft fruit of the cactus family, and it looks very colorful. As you can imagine from its appearance, Dragon fruits richly contain various nutrients, including Vitamin B group and complex carbohydrates. A lot of nutritional elements are also contained in trace amounts, so you can take many nutrients with low calories.
It is cultivated in the tropical climate of Indonesia and Bioactives Japan provides a 100% water-soluble powder. Extraction solvents and chemicals are not used.


Punica granatum is an ancient, mystical, unique fruit born on a small, long-living tree cultivated throughout the Mediterranean region, as far north as the in Southeast Asia and United States.
Pomegranate is being used in several systems of medicine for a variety of ailments from ancient time. In the past decade, numerous studies on the antioxidant, anticarcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties of pomegranate constituents have been reported.
Pomegranate juice is an important source of anthocyanins and ellagic acid.
Our organic pomegranate extracts is solvents free and is obtained using only the carefully selected sweet fruit from California, USA. It can be used for various products such as supplements, beverages, desserts.

Moringa Leaf Powder

Moringa is a multipurpose plant used as an edible or medicinal substitute herb. In the Ayurvedic system in India, it has been applied for a long time.

Researchers have regarded it as plant with high nutritional values and several medicinal applications, as it contains a wide range of nutrients such as antioxidants, antibiotics, vitamins and minerals.

In fact, Moringa ingredients are utilized as supplements and food materials.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains abundant medium chain fatty acids which are difficult to become neutral fat.

Clinical trials with Virgin coconut oil show the effect of lowering lipid levels in serum and tissues. In addition, in some published studies, effects on memory improvement and diet are also reported.

Lauric acid contained in coconut oil has a bactericidal action and South East Asia countries it is widely used for skin care and acne countermeasures.

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is considered the most nutritious and balanced vegetable oil because it contains omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids in a ratio of 3: 1.

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are indispensable to our health, but they can not be produced in the body, so we need to take it from a meal. Hemp seed oil contains about 80% of essential fatty acids higher than any vegetable oil, providing all EFAs needed daily.

Vitamin E content is high too.

Hemp seed oil provided by BioActives Japan has low-temperature of extraction at 48 °C or less without using chemicals, in order to maintain the nutritional value of Hemp seed as it is. Rich in flavor and taste, it can be used for various recipes such as dressing, sauce and fruit smoothie.

Black Seed Oil

For many centuries, seeds of Nigella sativa (black cumin), have been used as a seasoning spice and food additive in the Middle East and Mediterranean areas. The literature regarding the biological activities of seeds of this plant is extensive, citing bronchodilative, anti-inflammatory, antinociceptive, antibacterial, hypotensive, hypolipidemic, cytotoxic, antidiabetic, and hepatoprotective effects


The biological effects of N. sativa are attributed to various characterized constituents like omega 6, omega 9, vitamins B1, B2, B3, minerals and Thymoquinone (THQ).There is a legend which says that it is "a medicine to heal everything except death", it was found in the burial room of King Tutankhamen in Egypt.

Coconut Milk Powder

Coconut (Cocos nucifera) belongs to the Palm family (Arecaceae).

Classed as a fruit and frequently confused for being a nut, the coconut is actually a one-seeded drupe.

Coconut milk is a milky liquid taken from the solid endosperm part of coconut seeds.

It is a powder type product that is easy to prepare by freeze drying.

In recent years, coconut milk powder has been marketed to prepare natural energy or sports drink having low levels of fat, carbohydrates, calories and significant vitamins and electrolyte content.

Hemp Seed Protein Powder

Hemp seed protein powder is produced by pulverizing hemp fruit.

The hemp fruit contains abundant proteins and natural vegetable oils and fats (omega 3, omega 6, omega 9) necessary for maintaining health. It is characterized by containing 21 kinds of amino acids (including 9 essential amino acids) in a well-balanced manner.

In recent years, it is becoming a remarkable material as a super food.