Natural Flavors

Natural Flavors

Adding Life To Your Food

Flavors deliver value by enhancing taste, aroma and nutrition and hence they are the most influencing force for any food product. In 1498 the great explorer Vasco da Gama first landed in India and changed the course of spice trade. Historically Indian spices and condiments have been world renowned for its unique taste and flavor that it brings to our food.

At Bio Actives it is our dedication to give our customers with the best of flavors that India can offer in its most natural and safe form. Bio Actives offers an assortment of spice products keeping in mind the objective of adding taste and value to our customers products. We offer from cracked to crushed to ground spices ensuring taste and aroma of food products.

Our dedicated team of flavor specialists provide assistance in creating custom blends to the fullest of customer satisfaction. Working with Bio Actives gives you the opportunity to test and work with over 100 different ready-to-use spice assortments created by our team, saving time and cost on product development. From curries, to pizza flavors, to sauces, our blends are all ready to go.

As a commitment to quality on what we bring to the market, we have ensured our range of spices are traceable confirming green practices for cultivation and collection.

Finally through safe sterilization practices (steam / heat sterilization), we ensure green labels for our customers and importantly keeping intact the unique and authentic flavor of each spice. This is our promise in giving you the nature at its best.

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